Data Protection and Processing Policy

Evgor Furniture Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company and our company show maximum sensitivity for the processing and protection of personal data of visitors in accordance with GDPR and secondary regulations through all links advanced through this domain name.

Due to the activities it carries out, it takes all kinds of technical and legal measures in accordance with the GDPR in the processing of your personal data. The persons concerned can obtain detailed information on the processing of their personal data, their transfer to third parties, the legal reasons for collecting personal data and their rights in the GDPR from the following clarification text.

Principles Applied in the Processing of Personal Data: Within the scope of personal data processing activities, the following general principles are followed.

Acting in accordance with the law and honesty rules: Personal data is processed in accordance with GDPR legislation, general trust and honesty rules.

Accuracy and up-to-date when necessary: While processing personal data, necessary administrative and technical measures are taken to ensure that personal data is accurate and up-to-date when necessary, and necessary arrangements are made regarding personal data, taking into account the requests of personal data owners in this context.

Processing for specific, clear and legitimate purposes: Personal data is processed for legitimate, clear and legitimate purposes, and data owners are clearly informed about such purposes.

Being connected, limited and proportional to the purpose for which they are processed: Personal data is processed for the purposes notified to the data owner and to the extent necessary, and the processing of unnecessary personal data is avoided.

Retention for the period stipulated in the relevant legislation or required for the relevant purpose: Personal data is retained for the period required by the relevant legislation or for the purpose for which they are processed. Personal data is deleted, destroyed or anonymized by us or upon the request of the relevant data owner, at the end of the storage period or when the purpose of processing is lost.

Personal Data Processed: Personal data is processed through the explicit consent of data owners or within the framework of activities that can be carried out without express consent by GDPR articles, and these data are only processed within the framework of the purposes exemplified in the “Purposes of Processing Personal Data” section.